August 2012

12.08.12 - Do Be Think Dream


Enjoying second of 3 weeks traveling coast to coast to visit family with our son Quinn and learning just how tough it is to be a single parent.  This week has improved my appreciation of all the people who do so and has reminded me once again how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful husband.

Interviewed master craftsman Kathleen Dustin about her life as an artist and mother.  She is the first is a series of interviews of artist mothers about the creative and family life combination.  Kathleen is considered one of the best in world in Polymer clay and pioneered many techniques to create her high craft art objects.  She is vivacious, kind, insightful, and wildly talented.  Check out some of her work here: look forward to the forthcoming book/website where all the interviews will be published.


Look out at the lake, enjoy the cool breeze of the Maine air, laugh and cry with family.


About how family can be one of the most difficult and most rewarding adventures in life.

About how to close the gap of generations, ego, and self defense in order to connect with others.

About how to ask really good questions and realize I seldom do.

About how to love my husband, child, and family well.

Changing my media from ceramic clay to polymer clay–its deceptively immediate, clean, and requires less equipment.


About my husband.

About a new line of personal cards based on silhouettes.

About sculpting a bust of my son when I get home.

About a live/work space make of steel shipping containers.

About creating a school to help art students transition from school to art career.





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