We would love to help you own an original work of art by Kayb. Her work is available for purchase or by commission.

For Purchase:  Please inquire through the “Contact” page with the title of the work in which you are interested.  We will contact you back promptly with availability and the purchase price.

By Commission:  Kayb has worked with clients for over 15 years to create unique artworks for public, institutional, and private collections.  She has worked with individuals who have commissioned works before as well as parties who have no experience with the commissioning process.  She is quite pleased to help you understand this process if you are new to it or to work with parties who know exactly what they want.  Her history of commissions includes: drawing, painting, sculpture, design and portraiture.

If you are interested in beginning a conversation about your possible interest in commissioning a work please inquire through the “Contact” page on the sidebar.