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14.09.12 - Seven Doves of The Spirit Altarpiece

SEVEN DOVES OF THE SPIRIT ALTARPIECE--glazed stoneware, 48''x28''x6'', commissioned for Rocky Mountain Mennonite Chapel.

06.09.12 - You Are What You Eat

"You Are What You Eat" performance, PRC.

06.09.12 - The Lotos Eaters

THE LOTOS EATERS, show card and video projection with sound. 4'x8'

03.09.12 - Filling Their Rice Bowls

"Filling Their Rice Bowls" mixed media, Yanshan University, PRC

03.09.12 - Beloved

"Beloved" detail of "Book of Life" light, ribbon, transparencies

03.09.12 - Creation Arches

"Celestial Spheres" glazed stoneware tile, 9'x6'x18"

14.07.12 - Art Objects

BRANCHES--glazed stoneware, 30''x9''x6''. Commissioned by Roger Vieth.

14.07.12 - Portraiture

"Jacob", Watercolour on Bristol, 16" x 21"

14.07.12 - Figure

WATER-- patina on plaster, 17''x12''x8''
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