Scope of Project


The Creation Arches is comprised of 6 archways.  Each archway represents one day of the creation account in Genesis 1-2.  The archways are made of glazed high fire ceramic tile veneer which attaches to a pour concrete substructure.  Three sides of each arch are sculpted and the interior side has the verse from the Bible representing the corresponding day of creation.  Each arch is approximately 8’x6’x18″.  They are arranged upright so as to function as a door, gateway, and frame–depending on the location of the viewer.  They are intended for an interior or protected exterior environment.  A garden setting is preferential.


Please see “Images” on the side bar to view the completed pieces.  By clicking on the individual works multiple times you can get extreme closeups of each archway so that you can see the sculptural details.


The Arches are intended to be arranged in 2 concentric semi circles (please see diagram) with approximately 8′ between rows.  The viewer begins interacting with the arches on a flat floor tile that stands at the center of the circle–day 7.  From this point all the arches can be viewed as one set of 3 nesting pairs.  The first 3 days are arranged closest to the viewer and the last 3 days are located in the line of sight directly behind the viewer with 8′ between each arch and its complimentary partner.  This distance allows the arches in the second row to be framed by the arches in the row nearest the viewer.  Thus it creates a visual paradigm of the Framework Theology of Genesis 1.  In the Framework Theology, God created spaces in the first 3 days and filled those spaces with life on last 3 days. From this vantage point, the viewer sees creation in a linear sequence of time–The day the space was created, the day the space was filled, and present creation as framed by the 2 arches.

This is the ideal arrangement for this piece but not the only arrangement.


Each archway is in the shape of a Gothic archway.  The Gothic arch hails from early Gothic cathedrals as the point in the arch is meant to direct the eye upward, towards heaven engendering worship.  The Gothic archway was chosen for this project for the reasons mentioned and to reference the sacred space of the cathedral.  Thus, creating the idea of creation as a cathedral of worship this idea is sometimes referred to as “the cathedral of creation”.

In the Arches,  the imagery for each capstone  is a metaphorical representation of Christ as found in scripture.  For example, Christ is referenced as the Eucharistic bread and wine and thus in the arch for day 4 the capstone is wheat and grapes to symbolize the Eucharist.  The capstone in each archway is at the pinnacle of the arch.  Architecturally, the capstone is also the point which supports both both halves of the arch.  It is the piece which holds all of the arch together.  Thus, the capstone imagery encapsulates Colossians 1:15-17, “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

The imagery for the body of each archway comes directly from Genesis 1-2.  They are colorful depicting the celebratory nature of the creation act as an act of love.  They are detailed and compact demonstrating the creation as a time when the earth was bursting with life.  They are organized in types and typologies to show the intelligent nature of the created order and the creator.

Day 7 is a flat tile on the ground to demonstrate that the sabbath day is the day of rest for appreciation of the work of six days that precede it.  It is the day that we view the creation through as humans existing in the seventh day and awaiting the fulfillment of the eighth day when all of nature will be consummated to Christ.


This work can be installed indoors or outdoors.  Ideally it will be on a level plane.  A counter sink is also required for each archway.  In indoor settings the substructure can be wood, for exterior applications the substructure must be poured concrete.  Exterior installation is permanent.  Interior installation can be semi permanent or permanent.  Lighting of each individual piece is suggested.  The cost for installing the work is dependent on the location.  The artist can put together a bid for this.  This piece is available for immediate installation.  The time to install will vary depending on location.